Specials and Discounts

Weekly Specials

To help responsible owners keep their pets healthy and control pet populations, we offer reduced-cost vaccinations and spay and neuter services every Wednesday. Our veterinarians want to ensure that cost is no barrier to keeping pets healthy. We also hope to reduce the burden of caring for unwanted pets on our rescue group partners.

Some vaccination and spay/neuter clinics do not examine the pets they serve, but at Hawkins Animal Clinic we do not cut corners, even during routine vaccination visits. A complete physical exam is conducted for each patient we treat, and pet owners should not accept less. As a result space is limited, so call now to make your appointment and enjoy savings without sacrificing quality of care! 

Rescue Group Discounts

Hawkins Pet and Exotic Animal Clinic is happy to offer discounted services to local area rescue groups. Pre-approval is required to qualify for rescue group discounts, so please call us for more information.